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Chandrababu Exposes Jagan’s Narcissistic Behavior

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Chandrababu addresses the crowd at the Prajagalam Sabha in Panyam, Kurnool district.

Chandrababu, the TDP leader, joined the Prajagalam Sabha in Panyam, Kurnool district. He expressed confidence in winning Rayalaseema, including Panyam, based on public support. Referring to the last election, he claimed victory in all 52 seats in Rayalaseema.

He mocked the opponent, Jagan, for facing opposition even in Pulivendu. Chandrababu urged people to show their power at the polls on May 13 to defeat the YCP. He highlighted Amit Shah’s alliance to oust the corrupt government, complete Polavaram, and generate employment.

Chandrababu criticized Jagan’s alleged narcissistic behavior and authoritarian tendencies, citing examples. He accused Jagan of neglecting his family and constituents, resorting to deceitful tactics. Chandrababu recounted alleged incidents of abuse of power and disregard for democracy under Jagan’s rule.

He cautioned voters against falling for Jagan’s promises and urged them to choose wisely in the upcoming elections.

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