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CM Chandrababu Slams Jagan on Mismanagement of State Funds

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Stating that the last government had messed up the state for five years, CM Chandrababu assumed power. Following the inspections on constructions in Amaravati on Thursday, he addressed the media at the CRDA head office and unleashed fury against the YCP. He stated that they left Gallupette bare and fed the High Courts with all sorts of concocted stories.

He explained that the buildings were constructed for Rs. 500 crores in Rushikonda as if there was no money was being spent. He remarked that it was God again who saved the state from the grasp of lunatics also put it on record that Amaravati farmers fought for 1631 days, which was the reason for gains to YCP by 1+6+3+1.He said that AP means Amaravati and Polavaram.The speaker’s response was in Telugu which was translated by one of the participants as given below He said that AP is for Amaravati and Polavaram.

This construction of the capital is to check the drift to other states. Finally, he posited that by undertaking the Polavaram project to the end, the people of the entire state would be in a position to get water. All the strategies for fostering the development of all the sectors were laid out before. He further said that the sleepless nights of Amaravati farmers for their capital will be a model for future generations.

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