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EC Tells Andhra CM: No Cash Transfers Before Polls

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"ECI instructs Andhra CM: No Cash Transfers Before Polls"

The Election Commission has delivered a significant blow to Jagan government ahead of the upcoming AP elections, slated to begin in less than 100 hours, with polling scheduled for May 13. The EC’s decision to suspend the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) funds issued by the YCP government has left the YSR Congress government in shock, laying bare Jagan’s strategies. How did this unfold? Let’s delve into the details.

In a recent public address, Chief Minister Jagan voiced his concerns regarding the fairness of the elections, pointing to the suspension of funds he had allocated to the public and the frequent transfers of officials. He hinted at the possibility of external influence, suggesting that the TDP+ alliance, in collaboration with the NDA, might be leveraging the EC to create obstacles for him in Andhra Pradesh, thereby impeding the flow of funds intended for the public.

Shortly thereafter, the Election Commission made it clear that funds disbursed by the YCP government through DBT must be put on hold immediately and could only be distributed after the election. Furthermore, the EC raised questions regarding the delay in processing these transactions initiated by the Jagan government and the prolonged pending status of DBT schemes that were initiated months ago.

It appears that Jagan initiated these DBT schemes months ago but deliberately delayed their execution to ensure that funds would be credited to the bank accounts of beneficiaries just before the polls. However, the Election Commission detected this tactic and swiftly intervened to halt the process. This decision by the EC undermines Jagan’s recent allegations that his cash transfer initiatives were facing obstruction.

If Jagan is pressed to provide answers to the EC’s inquiries regarding the delayed release of funds, it could expose the attempt to sway voters by timing the release of funds just before polling, a move that runs counter to the rules set by the Election Commission.


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