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Here is the U-Turn Star of Andhra Pradesh Politics, Mahasena Rajesh

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Image of Mahasena Rajesh speaking at a political event, targeting Pawan Kalyan and making waves in Andhra Pradesh politics."

Mahasena Rajesh has emerged as a significant figure in Andhra Pradesh politics. Initially slated as the TDP candidate from P. Gannavaram, he was later replaced.

Mahasena Rajesh now stands in opposition to the alliance and its affiliates, particularly targeting Pawan Kalyan. He criticized Kalyan, stating that individuals like him pose a threat to society, viewing politics merely as a business venture.

Expressing determination, Rajesh vowed to thwart JanaSena’s efforts in every constituency it contests. He attributed the altered political landscape in Andhra Pradesh, with TDP’s once-projected victory now contested, to the alliance with Kalyan’s party.

Rajesh voiced preference for Jagan Mohan Reddy over Pawan Kalyan, while acknowledging Chandrababu Naidu’s leadership prowess compared to both.

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