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IAS Officer Shares Bad Experience with Land Titling Act

by Rajesh
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IAS officer discussing challenges with the Land Titling Act in Andhra Pradesh.

The Land Titling Act has emerged as a major political issue in Andhra Pradesh ahead of the upcoming elections.

The opposition has criticized the ruling party for the drawbacks of the Land Titling Act, prompting a defensive response from the YSRCP. However, the party faced criticism when former IAS officer PV Ramesh revealed his own struggles with the Act.


Ramesh took to social media to share his experience of trying to transfer his ancestral property in Krishna district’s Vinnukota village. He recounted facing rejection from the local Tahsildar and RDO when he applied for Mutation, highlighting the challenges farmers may face.

His post quickly went viral, garnering support from neutral netizens and intellectuals appreciative of his candidness about the Act’s issues. Ramesh’s openness about his ordeal has sparked discussion and shed light on the challenges posed by the Land Titling Act in Andhra Pradesh.


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