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Is Jagan Reddy Following KCR’s Path to the Assembly?

by Rajesh
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Jagan Reddy and KCR in discussion at an assembly session.

There’s extraordinary hypothesis in Andhra Pradesh about YS Jagan Reddy’s destiny in the event that YCP loses power in the forthcoming races. Will he attend assembly meetings or adopt a silent stance like KCR? The prevailing sentiment suggests YCP’s defeat is imminent due to perceived neglect of development alongside welfare measures.

While triumph would keep up with the state of affairs, rout brings up issues about Jagan‘s job. Will he embrace the role of opposition leader after years of dominating the assembly? Recent remarks by Raghuramakrishnam Raju indicate skepticism, suggesting Jagan may avoid the assembly altogether initially. Analysts anticipate a period of silence from Jagan, indicating uncertainty in the wake of potential electoral losses.


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