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Kesineni Chinni Predicts TDP-Led Alliance Sweep in Vijayawada

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Kesineni Chinni speaking at a political event

Vijayawada: The eagerly awaited elections in Andhra Pradesh have drawn to a close. With a notable turnout from residents across Andhra Pradesh, including many from Hyderabad and beyond state borders, the voting process saw enthusiastic participation. Some even traveled from abroad solely to exercise their voting rights, underscoring the gravity of the electoral event. Despite a few minor incidents of unrest, the voting concluded peacefully compared to previous years.

During a recent media interaction, TDP candidate for Vijayawada, Kesineni Chinni, shared insights on the voter turnout. He remarked on the substantial presence of voters at polling stations, attributing their motivation to feelings of anger, frustration, and discontentment toward the YSR Congress government. Chinni suggested that in anticipation of an impending defeat, YSR Congress leaders resorted to aggressive tactics.

Expressing confidence, Kesineni Chinni asserted that the coalition comprising TDP, Jana Sena, and BJP is poised to form the government, reflecting the widespread public support. He affirmed the alliance’s prospects of securing victory across all assembly seats within the Vijayawada parliamentary constituency.


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