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Kodela’s Son Questions Jagan’s Use of Government Furniture

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Political controversy: Allegations of government furniture use at Jagan's residence.

Infrastructure and resource usage at Jagan’s Tadepalli home have been the subject of recent controversy. It has been alleged that a public road has been turned into a private highway. There are also claims that Jagan uses government furniture and still holds political meetings at the former chief minister’s office.

The late TDP leader Kodela Sivaram, son of Kodela Sivaprasad, answered these charges. He voiced his displeasure at what he considered to be unjust treatment of his father. Sivaram claims that it was only after his father mentioned owning government furniture that the issue pertaining to it became apparent. A complaint was subsequently filed against Kodela by Narasa Raopet MLA Gopireddy after Sivaram wrote to the Speaker requesting the furniture’s removal.

Sivaram highlighted discrepancies, noting that while Jagan spent Rs. 18 crores on properties in Tadepalli and Lotus Pond and brought furniture from the Chief Minister’s Office, he did not promise its return. Sivaram argued that if his father faced legal action for not returning government furniture, similar action should be taken against Jagan.

Additional charges against Jagan include the huge expense of building a 1.5 km road inside the camp office, which was funded with Rs. 5 crores, as well as the camp office’s renovation costs and the substantial sums spent on security measures like solar and iron fencing, which came to crores of rupees.

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