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Modi, Chandrababu, and Pawan, A Unique Coalition: Purandeshwari

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Purandeswari speaks at Kutami Sabha alongside Modi, Chandrababu, and Pawan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, AP BJP Chief Purandeswari, Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan, and TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh graced the Kutami Sabha in Rajahmundry Rural Vemagiri.

Addressing the gathering, Purandeshwari emphasized the historical significance of Rajahmundry and underscored the importance of the three parties uniting to remove an incumbent administration deemed detrimental to the public welfare.

Purandeswari highlighted the unique strengths each party brings to the coalition: the leadership of Narendra Modi, the strategic acumen of Chandrababu, and the influence of Pawan Kalyan. The collective aim is to address the challenges faced by the people over the past five years.

Reiterating the BJP’s motto of “Sab Ke Saath Sab Ka Vikas,” Purandeswari outlined TDP’s commitment to social justice, encapsulated in the slogan “Society is the temple and God is the poor.” The alliance aims to champion the cause of the marginalized and ensure holistic development.

Purandeswari commended Pawan Kalyan for his pledge to stand up against injustice and affirmed that the alliance shares a common vision for progress. The coalition is poised to alleviate the hardships endured by the people and deliver effective governance.

The overwhelming support received from the people signifies their desire for positive change and good governance. Purandeshwari urged everyone to endorse the alliance, envisioning a future characterized by transparency, accountability, and equitable treatment for all segments of society.

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