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Mudragada Counters His Daughter Kranti Bharti Comments

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Mudragada Padmanabham responds to daughter Kranti Bharti's comments, asserting his stance in Pithapuram politics. Read more for the family feud

A clash of opinions has emerged between Kapu movement leader Mudragada Padmanabham and his daughter Kranti Bharti, who is supporting Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan in Pithapuram. Responding to Kranti Bharti’s statements, Mudragada Padmanabham reiterated his personal backing for Pawan’s success in Pithapuram.

He accused CM Jagan of exploiting him to criticize Pawan Kalyan and emphasized that his daughter is not his property, stating, “My daughter is not my possession.” He clarified that after her marriage, she belongs to her mother-in-law’s family. Despite Kranti Bharti’s criticism, Mudragada affirmed his loyalty to CM Jagan.

In contrast, Kranti Bharti criticized her father’s actions, accusing him of campaigning against Pawan Kalyan under CM Jagan’s influence. She expressed disappointment over Jagan’s use of Mudragada for political attacks on Pawan Kalyan, citing a video released by Jana Sena. Despite potential family conflicts, Kranti Bharti reiterated her support for Pawan Kalyan’s victory.

She stated that while her father may support YCP candidate Vanga Geetha, she believes in Pawan’s leadership. Kranti called for a change in CM Jagan’s approach towards Pawan Kalyan, condemning his use of Mudragada for political gain and pledging her unwavering support for Pawan’s cause.

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