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Next Level Trolling! Mudragada’s Name Change Function

by Rajesh
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Mudragada Padmanabham facing backlash with invitations for a mock name change ceremony after TDP-Janasena-BJP alliance's success in Andhra Pradesh elections.

Mudragada Padmanabham: In an exciting turn of events, the TDP-Janasena-BJP alliance is performing exceptionally well in the Andhra Pradesh elections. According to some reliable exit polls from a few days ago, the alliance is leading in nearly 159 seats, leaving the YSRC with only 16 seats.

Amidst this political shake-up, people are reminiscing about a statement made by Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham. Prior to the election, Mudragada had shifted his support to YS Jagan and made some strong comments ridiculing Pawan Kalyan. He boldly declared that if Pawan Kalyan won the Pithapuram seat or if the alliance came to power, he would change his name to ‘Mudragada Padmanabha Reddy’.

With the alliance now on the verge of a significant victory, Kapu voters and the youth from the Godavari districts are taking this opportunity to have some fun at Mudragada’s expense. They’ve even gone so far as to print invitations for a mock ‘renaming’ ceremony of Mudragada, which has been widely shared and laughed over on social media.

This kind of trolling is not uncommon in the aftermath of elections, but it will be interesting to see how Mudragada responds to his earlier statement.

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