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Pawan Kalyan Warns Vamsi Over Insult to Babu’s Wife

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Pawan Kalyan passionately addresses supporters at a political rally

As the election season heats up, Janasena Party leader Pawan Kalyan has been aggressively campaigning for the TDP-JSP-BJP coalition in Andhra Pradesh. He recently criticized YSRCP MLA candidate Vallabhaneni Vamsi harshly during a meeting in Gannavaram.

Considering Chandra Babu’s wife Bhuvaneshwari, as his sister, Pawan condemned Vamsi for allegedly insulting her. Recalling an incident from a few years ago in the AP assembly, Pawan emphasized that Vamsi is not worthy of voters’ support. He urged voters to refrain from supporting Vamsi, stating that such actions are disrespectful.

Expressing his admiration for Sr NTR, Pawan highlighted his respect for Bhuvaneswari, noting that any insult towards her is unacceptable. He emotionally asserted Bhuvaneshwari’s significance to him, equating an insult to her as an insult to himself. Pawan also reaffirmed his party’s commitment to prioritizing women’s rights and respect.

Pawan urged supporters of Janasena to make wise choices, endorsing Yarlagadda Venkatrao as their preferred leader. His remarks underscore the intensifying political climate in Andhra Pradesh as parties gear up for the upcoming elections.

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