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Prashant Kishor Standing by His Words: Jagan Losing Big

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Prashant Kishor speaking at a political event.

Just a day before Andhra Pradesh’s polling day, Political Strategist Prashant Kishor met with Ravi Prakash to discuss the upcoming election results. Kishor reiterated his prediction of a significant defeat for the YSR Congress.

“In 2019, Jagan Mohan Reddy secured a historic victory. However, I’ve been consistently stating for months now that he’s on track for a major defeat. Due to the ongoing elections, I can’t delve into specifics,” Kishor remarked.

Kishor revealed that he had advised Jagan on this matter when they met in Delhi a year and a half ago. “Jagan held a different viewpoint, confident of winning at least 155 seats without competition. I merely conveyed my perspective,” Kishor added.

Addressing rumors of a fallout between him and Jagan, Prashant Kishor clarified, “We’ve had no disagreements. He’s a close friend. I haven’t visited Andhra Pradesh post-elections. Any differences are baseless; I simply shared insights gathered from Andhra Pradesh while I focus on a mission in Bihar.”

Reflecting on Jagan’s downfall, Kishor remarked, “Such a drastic shift from a historic win suggests not one but a series of missteps. Jagan prioritized welfare schemes over addressing people’s aspirations, behaving more like a monarch than an elected leader.”

Kishor predicted a rude awakening for Jagan come June 4th, stating, “He’ll be taken aback by the results and learn a tough lesson.”

Kishor’s analysis, just ahead of polling day, provides a glimpse into the unfolding political dynamics.


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