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Rs 2000 Crore Cash Seized in Anantapur Linked to RBI

by Rajesh
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Cash seized in containers with police inspecting.

Pamidi: Anantapur district, officials uncovered four containers packed with cash, each holding an astonishing Rs.2,000 crores, at Rs.500 crores per container, during routine checks aligned with the Election Code. These unexpected findings prompted a thorough investigation by authorities.

Upon inspection, it was confirmed that the funds were the property of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), destined for transfer from Kochi to Hyderabad. After meticulously verifying the accompanying documentation, authorities deemed the transaction legitimate.

With all records in order, the containers were promptly cleared for onward transport by the relevant authorities, underscoring the importance of maintaining transparency and adhering to legal procedures, particularly during sensitive electoral periods.

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