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Vijayawada: Father Fatally Stabbed by Daughter’s Lover

by Rajesh
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Crime scene in Vijayawada's Brindavan Colony after a tragic stabbing incident.

Residents in Brindavan Colony, Vijayawada, are shocked by a murder that happened there. The victim was a grocery store owner at Sindhu Bhavan. The grocer’s daughter reportedly had a romantic relationship with a young man. Suspicion surfaced after the grocer was discovered dead, following an altercation between the young man and the grocer. The grocer was fatally attacked with a knife while making his way home after closing his store; he died from severe bleeding.

The local Krishna Lanka Police took immediate action and opened an investigation. In the meantime, social media users have been sharing videos of the young man admitting to having a relationship with the grocery store’s daughter. He said the grocer and ten other people had come to his house to threaten him because of the relationship.

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