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Vizag Port Drugs Investigation: Suspended Pending Election Results?

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Vizag Port with cargo containers

Vizag Port Drugs Investigation: On March 16th, a shipment containing approximately 25,000 kg of dried yeast from Brazil arrived at Visakhapatnam port amid suspicions of drug concealment. Acting on Interpol’s tip-off, a team from the CBI in Delhi initiated an investigation on March 19th and 20th.

Under the supervision of a judge, officials extracted samples from the yeast bags for forensic analysis at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) to detect narcotics content. The preliminary findings confirmed the presence of illicit substances within the yeast, sparking national concern.

Sandhya Water Commodities, the shipper of the yeast planned for shrimp feed creation, went under investigation as the CBI recorded a body of evidence against the organization and anonymous people. Despite assurances of awaiting laboratory reports within three weeks, progress has stalled for over two months, prompting public skepticism.

In pursuit of leads, CBI teams ventured to Brazil for further inquiries. Simultaneously, inspections were conducted at Sandhya Exports’ affiliated facilities in Mulapeta and Vajrakut, Kakinada District. However, an incident where a company bus containing vital documents broke down, and local authorities handed them to management instead of the CBI, raised suspicions.

Furthermore, the container is still stationed at the Visakhapatnam Container Terminal Private Limited (VCTPL) examination point, despite the CBI’s decision to move it to a weather-resistant location not being carried out. People in general is enthusiastic for authoritative outcomes and activity in light of the examination’s evident imperfections and postponement, which have raised worries about the test’s straightforwardness and present status.


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