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Volunteers File Case Against Kodali Nani

by Rajesh
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Volunteers File Case Against Kodali Nani

Following the recent Andhra Pradesh assembly elections, the YSR Congress party and its leaders are facing challenges. One of their former MLAs and Civil Supplies Minister from Gudivada is in trouble. Before the elections, many YSRCP candidates made a controversial move. They asked volunteers not allowed to campaign by election rules to quit and join the campaign. They promised to give their jobs back if YSRCP won again.

Now, with TDP back in power, these volunteers are worried. They have complained to the police that YSRCP leaders forced them to resign unfairly. The police have taken action under IPC sections 447 and 506, booking cases against leaders like Kodali Nani, Dukkipati Sashibhusan, and Gorle Srinu.

The NDA alliance’s pledge to give each volunteer 10,000 rupees once in power increased tensions. These volunteers are now requesting their reinstatement by the current MLAs. The government hasn’t addressed this matter as of yet.

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