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Voter is always genius than politicians :Analysis of Voter Thoughts to set Back Jagan’s Government

by Reddy
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The power of voters is always important. Many experts says that people are more intelligent than the Politicians. Jagan Government had faced huge set back today after the results.This was clearly shown by a significant change in government, driven by the voters’ careful examination of the current administration’s numerous mistakes. The voters recognized the need for change and acted in a wise way.Below are the some points of of thier thought process.

Burden of taxes
Increase in property tax
Imposition of garbage tax
Failure to reduce petrol and diesel prices
Unprecedented hike in registration stamp duty Pledging government lands
Introduction of the Land Titling Act
Hike in sand prices
Mining mafia issues
Unprecedented hike in liquor prices
The English medium issue in schools
The arrest of opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu
Failure to create employment opportunities
Arrogance in governance
Inappropriate welfare schemes Piling up state debts etc

Their decision to bring about a change in government shows their intelligence and commitment to democracy. This  is a strong message that misgovernance will not be tolerated, and it underscores the importance of a government that listens, responds, and works for the benefit of all citizens.They believed TDP alliance Chandrababu naidu who is having good experience along with young blood pawan kalayan will be good choice for them.

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