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Was Jagan’s Stone Attacker Forced to Confess?

by Rajesh
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Following the Kodi Kathi incident preceding the 2019 elections Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy faced a similar situation during his 2019 campaign. Whereas on his Transport Yatra in Vijayawada, Jagan was focused on by a stone tossed by an aggressor coming about in harm to his eyebrow.

Satish Kumar was embroiled within the assault and remanded to Nellore imprisonRecently, the Vijayawada 8th Additional Court granted him bail leading to his release on Sunday.

Reports suggest that Satish, upon release, disclosed shocking details to the media. Allegedly he was offered Rs 2 lakh to accept the charges against him and faced threats including having a gun put to his head.

Satish claims he wasn’t indeed display at the area amid Jagan’s attack.His legal counselor, Saleem, blamed the YCP of endeavoring to form another Kodi Kathi-like circumstance, which failed.

The case draws parallels to Kodi Kathi Sreenu’s detainment for a wrongdoing that needed conclusive evidence.It raises concerns almost the imprisonment of people like Satish without concrete facts.

A senior political writer criticized the circumstance highlighting the treachery confronted by these adolescents who were detained for problematic violations.


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