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Weekend Devotee Rush at Tirumala: TTD’s Special Arrangements

by Rajesh
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"Devotees waiting in line at Tirumala temple complex during a busy weekend."

After a short hiatus a few days ago, the number of devotees visiting Tirumala has increased once more. As Friday, Saturday, and Sunday approach, pilgrims are flocking to Tirumala in hopes of receiving blessings. The sacred site is crowded on weekends due to a significant influx of devotees.

To guarantee a smooth experience for devotees, TTD officials have made special arrangements in response to the increased foot traffic. They have issued a warning that on Fridays, devotees with special darshan tickets worth Rs 300 may have to wait for three or four hours. There is a full house at the Vaikuntham queue complex, where devotees are waiting patiently for their turn.

Also, authorities cautioned that individuals without tokens for Sarva Darshan seem anticipate to hold up for up to eighteen hours. These measures are implied to effectively control the assembly and guarantee that each and each aficionado can take an interest within the sacrosanct ceremonies without experiencing any impediments.

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