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Bombay High Court Urges Equal Treatment in Street Clearances

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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The Bombay High Court asked why streets and paths have been cleared quickly for prime ministers and VVIPs yet not for all others, highlighting that safe routes are a fundamental right of all citizens.

The court had initiated action last year on the issue of illegal vendors in the city and urged decisive measures from state and civic authorities.

“When high-profile visitors are in town, streets and footpaths are promptly cleared. Why can’t this be consistent for all citizens who pay taxes?”

Senior counsel S U Kamdar, representing the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), acknowledged periodic actions against vendors but noted their persistent return. The BMC is exploring options like underground markets, the court humorously remarked.

Commenting on fines imposed on vendors, the court said, “Fines are meager compared to their earnings. They pay and return.”

The court proposed creating a database to track vendors and prevent their return. “A systematic approach is needed. Start with one street; identification is key to preventing their return,” it advised.

The case will resume on July 22 for further deliberation.

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