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Americans Prioritization of Gun Violence over Public Safety

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Five people died in the firing in America

Gun violence remains a persistent issue in the United States, with incidents occurring almost every week. This ongoing problem prompts questions about what actions Americans are taking to address it. A recent court ruling sheds light on efforts to regulate gun access: the US Supreme Court has overturned a ban on gun bump stocks. These accessories modify guns, effectively transforming them into more lethal weapons similar to machine guns. The ban had been put in place following the tragic 2017 Las Vegas shooting, which claimed the lives of 60 people.

Bump stocks allow shooters to fire rounds at a rate comparable to machine guns. Despite the ban’s aim to enhance safety, the Supreme Court’s decision to lift it was based on legal technicalities, seemingly disregarding practical concerns. The USA faces a significant gun crisis, surpassing even its struggle with drug-related issues. While significant efforts are made in Congress and the Senate to combat drug problems, the same urgency often falls short when addressing gun violence.

Conservative groups in America vigorously defend their right to own firearms, prioritizing this freedom over the lives lost due to gun violence.

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