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Bangladesh Flood Crisis: Over 2 Million Stranded Amid Monsoon

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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More than 2 million people have been stranded in northeastern Bangladesh due to devastating floods caused by monsoon rains and river surges from India. Officials warn that the situation could deteriorate further.

UNICEF has expressed concern for the 772,000 children affected, citing risks of drowning, malnutrition, waterborne diseases, displacement trauma, and abuse in overcrowded shelters.

Sheldon Yett, the UNICEF Representative in Bangladesh, emphasized children’s vulnerability during such crises.

The Bangladesh Meteorological Department predicts more heavy rainfall in the coming days, raising concerns about increased flooding and landslides in hilly areas.

Tragedy struck on Wednesday with landslides in refugee camps, claiming lives, including eight Rohingya Muslims, due to intense monsoon rains in southern Bangladesh.

Northeastern regions, hit hardest by torrential rains and inflows from India, face widespread flooding. Recovery efforts are still ongoing from a recent cyclone that devastated southern coastal areas last month.

Residents in Sylhet fear a repeat of the catastrophic 2022 floods, described as the worst in over a century for the region.

Television coverage shows extensive flooding in fields and villages, with people wading through knee-deep water in Sylhet city as rivers swell dangerously.

Agricultural officials warn of potential crop losses if floodwaters persist, as large areas of land remain underwater.

The floods have damaged infrastructure, affecting more than 810 government schools in Sylhet, with nearly 500 converted into shelters, along with around 140 community clinics submerged, disrupting essential healthcare services.

Bangladesh, one of the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries, faces annual risks of river flooding exacerbated by climate change.

The ongoing crisis underscores the urgent need for international support to mitigate immediate and long-term impacts on affected populations and infrastructure.

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