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Hunter Biden: President Son Found Guilty in Federal Gun Case

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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For the first time in the history of the United States, the current President son was discovered culpable in a federal tool trial. Hunter Biden, the vice presidency son, has been charged with having a weapon whereas struggling with a drug problem. The defense stated that he falsely denied previous use of drugs when purchasing the weapon in question, leading to accusations of providing inaccurate data on federal types. The vice president was disappointed with the outcome, but he expressed gratitude for all that had supported him during this difficult time.

Legal experts believe that, while imprisonment is feasible, the maximum retribution of 25 years is unlikely. The vice president declined to intervene in the legal proceedings, but conveyed pride in his son effective battle with drug addiction. The allegations against Biden office originate from his ownership of an a revolver in 2018 whereas battling a drug problem, which is an infraction of US firearm regulations that highlights the idea of equal treatment under the rules. The trial is scheduled to start in the month of September, indicating an important turning point in Hunter Biden ongoing legal case.


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