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Indian Americans: Shaping the Future of America

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Recent reports emphasize the important influence of Indian Americans on the United States, emphasizing their achievements in business, culture, and public service. With an estimated population of 5 million, that they represent 1.5% of the US population yet play a significant part in the nation economy and society.

Indian Americans make significant contributions to the US the economy, paying roughly 5-6% of all income taxes, a total of $250-300 billion per year. Managers like Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Sundar Pichai of Google, and Reshma Kewalramani of Vertex Pharma lead the list of Fortune 500 businesses, which collectively employ millions and generate nearly $1 trillion in revenue. Indian American-owned hotels also significantly contribute to tax revenues and job creation.

Innovation is a strong suit, with Indian Americans co-founding 72 unicorns valued at $195 billion, contributing to the startup ecosystem and employment opportunities. They excel in research, hold numerous patents, and boast a high educational attainment rate, with 78% holding bachelor’s degrees or higher, well above the national average.

Beyond economic impact, Indian Americans enrich American culture through their cuisine, festivals, literature, and influence in cinema. Politically, they hold significant positions, including Vice President Kamala Harris, influencing policy and governance.

Indian Americans continue to shape the future of America with their diverse talents and contributions, blending cultural heritage with remarkable achievements across various sectors, driving the nation forward towards progress and inclusivity.

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