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Trudeau Sees Modi Re-election as a Chance to Tackle Key Issues with India

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi re-election provides an excellent opportunity to discuss significant issues among Canada and India. It just fulfilled at the G7 highest point in the nation of Italy, to which India had been invited. Trudeau said the Prime Minister re-election provides a chance to discuss serious issues such as national security and the rule of law, particularly on the occasion of pro-Khalistan find Hardeep Singh Nijjar death.

He said, “With Modi elected again, we can now discuss serious issues like keeping Canadians safe.” At the G7 meeting, Trudeau emphasized the significance of interacting directly with various world leaders on major issues.” Trudeau’s office congratulated Modi after his recent re-election. He emphasized Canada and India strong personal and money ties, and also the importance of working together on critical issues as constitutional countries and global partners. This was Trudeau first interaction with Modi as he made an announcement in the chamber of the Commons in September of 2016 about potential connections among Indian agents and Nijjar killing in Surrey, British Columbia Although the nation labeled Nijjar a terrorist, his was not charged in Canada. The last time the two leaders met was at the G20 summit in New Delhi last September, where Trudeau brought up the Nijjar issue and emphasized the importance of the rule of law and democratic principles.

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