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Trump and Biden Ready for First 2024 Presidential Debate

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Joe Biden and Donald Trump are preparing over the inaugural the executive debate in the the year 2024 elections on the 27th of June. It anticipated occasion might mark an important turning point as thousands of people tuned in.

With just two discussions set for this election cycle, Thursday matchup is critical, particularly as surveys show both men are tied.

the discussion is critical because it allows each candidate to reacquaint themselves to people who aren’t after the campaign closely. However, he also wonders how many regular voters, apart from political enthusiasts, will pay attention to an early debate.

For Trump, the 90-minute debate is a chance to question the 81-year-old Biden’s mental fitness, even though Trump, at 78, faces similar questions about his age. Biden, meanwhile, aims to highlight Trump’s legal troubles and portray him as unfit for office. Biden will also be careful to avoid any major mistakes that could hurt his chances in November.

The debate comes after Trump’s recent criminal trial, with his sentencing for 34 convictions scheduled for July 11. Both candidates opted out of the traditional bipartisan debate commission, choosing CNN for this early debate and another on ABC on September 10.

Voters are concerned about issues like abortion, the state of US democracy, and foreign conflicts, but inflation and border security are likely to dominate the discussion. The 2020 debates between Biden and Trump were chaotic, with Biden famously telling Trump, “Will you shut up, man?” because of frequent interruptions. This time, moderators will have the ability to mute microphones to keep things orderly.

Political scientist Nicholas Creel from Georgia College and State University says, “Trump is notoriously undisciplined and may struggle with not being able to dominate the event by interrupting and extending his speaking time with long, insult-filled tirades.” Biden hopes to remind voters of the chaos of Trump’s presidency, which could work in his favor if Trump fails to follow the debate rules.

Modern debates are often more about creating viral moments on social media than discussing detailed policies. Grant Reeher, a political science professor at Syracuse University, is curious to see if Trump tries to appear more “presidential,” though his recent behavior suggests otherwise.

Biden’s campaign has already released an ad targeting Trump’s criminal convictions, while Biden prepared for the debate at Camp David. Trump, who prefers broad themes over detailed policy discussions, prepared at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, focusing on tone and overall strategy. “It might disappoint his base, but it could help him gain support among suburban, college-educated women,” he said.

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