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Trump Promises Green Cards for US College Graduates to Attract Top Talent

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Former President Donald Trump recently announced a plan to grant green cards to foreign graduates from US colleges, aiming to attract highly skilled workers and support the tech industry. This marks a significant shift from his previous tough stance on immigration as the November election approaches.

Trump shared his intention to provide green cards automatically to those who earn degrees from US colleges, simplifying their ability to stay and work in the country. “Graduates should receive a green card with their diploma,” Trump said on the All-In podcast. A green card, or permanent resident card, is a major step towards becoming a US citizen.

This fresh suggestion contradicts Trump the year 2016 effort swear to end the H-1B visa scheme, that common between Indian technology experts. This H-1B visa enables American businesses to hire foreign workers in fields of specialization. Although Donald Trump before stated that he would prioritize hiring Americans, he now highlights the significance of drawing “smart individuals” in order to maintain US businesses fiercely competitive.

The proposal put forward by Trump covers not just four-year college graduates, but also the ones to programs that last two years and doctoral graduates. He highlighted the anger of foreign students who want to stay and work in the United States but have to go back home due to visa issues. “They exchange to India or China and build profitable businesses there,” Trump said, emphasizing the missed chances for the US the economy..

The tech industry has long called for easier access to skilled foreign workers.Trump understood that, stating that businesses have trouble with negotiating addresses as they are unable to guarantee that those who work abroad can remain in their home nation. “This will shift on week one,” he stated.

The comments by Trump arrived after Vice President Joe Biden just relaxed visa requirements for roughly fifty thousand spouses of US citizens while making it easier for high-skilled immigrants that showed up as kids to obtain work visas. The modifications are part of an overall pattern of looser immigration laws designed to keep skills and increase economic growth.

By suggesting visas for US college graduates, Donald Trump hopes to promote innovation and economic growth while also meeting the needs of the tech industry and skilled immigrants. The change in policy could significantly affect both the future of the United States and the global

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