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Unity in Solidarity: Mexico’s Students Rally for Palestine

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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In a show of solidarity with Palestine, students from Mexico’s largest university, UNAM, have erected tents and raised Palestinian flags outside the institution’s main office in Mexico City.

The demonstrators are urging the Mexican government to sever diplomatic and commercial ties with Israel, echoing similar calls from protests across American universities.

Valentino Pino, a 19-year-old philosophy student, expressed their support for Palestine and the ongoing student movements in the United States.

Jimena Rosas, 21, expressed hope that the protest at UNAM would inspire similar actions at other universities throughout Mexico.

The wave of pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the United States has sparked clashes with law enforcement and counter-protests.

The Gaza conflict, which began with a Hamas attack on Israel in October, has resulted in significant casualties on both sides, with civilians bearing the brunt of the violence.

The protest in Mexico City adds to the global chorus of voices calling for an end to the violence and for justice for the people of Palestine.


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