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US Unveils ‘Manta Ray’ Underwater Drone in Race for Advanced UUVs

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has completed the inaugural full-scale sea trial of an innovative underwater drone, known as the ‘Manta Ray.’ Developed by aerospace leader Northrop Grumman as part of a US Navy initiative, this cutting-edge uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) represents a significant advancement in extended mission capabilities.

The Manta Ray prototype is designed to exhibit a unique ability to “hibernate” on the ocean floor, enabling prolonged operations without the need for refueling or constant supervision. This feature marks a significant leap forward in underwater drone technology, promising extended deployment periods for critical missions.

One striking image from the sea trial depicts the Manta Ray positioned alongside a support vessel, emphasizing the substantial size and capabilities of this underwater drone. With its robust design, the UUV is poised to navigate the depths of the ocean autonomously, opening up new possibilities for exploration and surveillance.

The US Navy project aims to establish a new class of underwater drones capable of enduring extended missions, enhancing maritime security and reconnaissance capabilities. By harnessing advanced technology, the Manta Ray promises to revolutionize underwater operations, offering unmatched endurance and versatility.

As the race for advanced UUVs intensifies, the unveiling of the ‘Manta Ray’ underscores the US military’s commitment to innovation and technological superiority in maritime domains. With its impressive capabilities and potential applications, this underwater drone represents a significant milestone in underwater robotics.


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