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California’s $11 Billion Bridge: Mockery from American Business Folks

by Rajesh
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California's $11 Billion Bridge: Mockery from American Business Folks" - Image of a bridge with dollar signs and puzzled business people in the background.

In recent news, it’s been revealed that the Hyderabad metro project is estimated to cost approximately $780 million, while the Delhi metro project is expected to reach a billion-dollar mark. Surprisingly, a seemingly modest endeavor, the construction of a small connecting bridge in America, has ballooned to an eye-watering $11 billion, equivalent to about Rs. 91 thousand crores in domestic currency. This staggering cost was brought to light by the California High-Speed Rail Company and has sparked significant discussion online.

The California state government has found itself under intense scrutiny due to the exorbitant expenditure on what was initially conceived as a minor project, now completed after almost a decade. The 1600-meter-long high-speed rail bridge, part of the state’s larger bullet train initiative connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles, has raised eyebrows worldwide. Xelo, a representative of the project, proudly announced the completion of the Presno River Viaduct, emphasizing its significance within the state’s transportation network.

However, not everyone shares Xelo’s enthusiasm. Renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk expressed profound disappointment, symbolized by a crying emoji, highlighting the apparent mismanagement of resources. Speculation mounts regarding the potential cancellation of the bullet train project altogether.

Billy Marcus, the founder of Rajecoin, offered a sardonic perspective on the situation. He pointed out the absurdity of spending $11 billion and nine years to construct a bridge spanning a distance that could be walked in five minutes. Marcus also sarcastically remarked on the projected total cost of the bullet train project, quipping about its completion by the year 2400 at an astronomical cost.

Venture capitalist Patrick Blumenthal weighed in on the discussion, calculating the staggering cost per mile of the project over 15 years. The revelation of each mile costing nearly $37 billion underscores the financial inefficiency plaguing the endeavor.

The uproar surrounding the California high-speed rail project serves as a cautionary tale, illustrating the consequences of unchecked spending and the need for responsible allocation of public funds in large-scale infrastructure projects.


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