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Heartwarming Reunion: Kangana Ranaut and Chirag Paswan in Parliament

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Today, Union Minister Chirag Paswan and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut, previous co-stars, welcomed one another in an affectionate ‘low five.’ This wonderful time was caught on footage, emphasizing their friendship.

In 2011, that they appeared together in the movie “Miley Naa Miley Hum,” which did poorly at the box office. Chirag Paswan entered governance after emerging out of the enigmatic is of the late father of renowned a politician Ram Vilas Paswan. Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut ascended quickly through the ladder of the film industry, eventually developing into a recognized actress.

After decades and many events, they returned as peers, not on a movie set, but in Parliament. Chirag Paswan has worked out a significant political career, leading the LJP (Ram Vilas) to a stunning victory in the most recent elections, winning all five places ran by his party. He currently acts as Minister of Food Processing Businesses, a position that was previously held by his father. Paswan, previously a two-time MP from Jamui, now represents Hajipur in Bihar.

Kangana Ranaut, making her political debut, was elected as an MP from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. She won against the seasoned candidate and state minister Vikramaditya Singh by a margin of nearly 75,000 votes.

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