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Nara Lokesh Inspiring Journey: From Padayatra to Ministerial Oath

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Nara Lokesh journey in the 2024 election campaign has been truly remarkable. It all began with his memorable Yuvagalam Padayatra, where he walked alongside the people, deeply connecting with them and emerging as a prominent figure in Andhra Pradesh politics.

Lokesh achieved a significant victory in Mangalagiri, securing one of the largest majorities for an assembly segment in the state’s history.

Today, Lokesh reached another milestone by taking the oath as a cabinet minister of Andhra Pradesh. As he proudly declared “Nara Lokesh Ane Nenu” during the oath-taking ceremony, TDP supporters cheered with boundless energy and joy, showcasing their unwavering support.

Lokesh is seen as the future leader of TDP, and it’s heartening to witness the widespread acceptance he’s gaining among supporters and party leaders alike. He has transitioned from being a promising figure to a seasoned leader capable of steering a large party like TDP.

Lokesh served as the Minister of Panchayat Raj and IT from 2014 to 2019. It remains to be seen which responsibilities he will be entrusted with this time.

Lokesh’s journey is a testament to his commitment and leadership abilities, and he stands ready to make significant contributions to the advancement and prosperity of Andhra Pradesh.



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