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Passbooks & Survey Stones: Key Decision by CBN

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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The Land Titling behave was essential to TDP the victory. In the last months of the election effort, Chandrababu Naidu raised questions regarding the Act, which resonated firmly with voters concerned with the security of their land. This worry greatly influenced their backing for the the TDP and its coalition partners. Voters were troubled by Jagan’s image on the passbooks and survey stones, complicating matters.

He stopped the distribution of passbooks featuring Jagan’s photos, despite the substantial cost of printing thousands of them at Rs. 60 each. Jagan’s photos were larger than the landowners’ identities on these passbooks. Currently, decisions are pending on what to do with the passbooks already distributed. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands of survey stones engraved with Jagan’s photo in granite industries. Steps are being taken to paint over these photos and replace them with the landowners’ names. Similar actions may follow for survey stones already placed in fields. the Chief Minister has not yet decided on the matter of land resurveying.

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