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Rahul Gandhi 7 Key Responsibilities as Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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With great power, pertains great duty. Rahul Gandhi, a Congress MP, is taking in an essential position as the The leader of the Opposition (LoP) in the 18th Lok Sabha, which entails a number of significant responsibilities.

1. Asking government policies
Gandhi primary responsibility as Leader of the Indian The opposition is to challenge and scrutinize the decisions made by the government. He must hold the government accountable to the the legislature and the public, proposing alternatives to current policies while not impeding parliamentary proceedings.

2. Acting as the Shadow Prime Minister
The Leader of the Opposition acts as a ‘shadow Prime Minister,’ with a ‘shadow Cabinet’ ready to step in if his party wins the next election or if the current government falls. Gandhi must choose his words and actions carefully, with the same level of responsibility as the Prime Minister.

3. Demanding Debates
If Gandhi believes the government is avoiding important issues or dodging parliamentary scrutiny, he can demand debates on those topics.

4. Consulting on Policies
On critical issues like foreign relations and defense, the Prime Minister may consult the Leader of the Opposition. In times of national crisis, the Leader of the Opposition often shows unity by supporting the government’s policies.

5. Avoiding Party Politics Abroad
While Gandhi can criticize the government at home, he should avoid party politics when abroad, focusing on representing national interests instead.

6. Speaking for Minorities
The Leader of the Opposition speaks for minority groups, ensuring their rights are protected and taking action against any injustices.

7. Participating in Key Appointments
Gandhi will be part of committees that appoint key officials like the director of the Central Bureau of Investigation, Chief Election Commissioners, and the National Human Rights Commission chairperson. He will also be a member of key parliamentary committees such as Public Accounts, Public Undertakings, and Estimates.

Salary and Benefits
The Leader of the Opposition gets a salary of ₹1 lakh per month, a daily allowance of ₹2,000 for each day in Delhi on duty, and a constituency allowance of ₹70,000 per month. There is also a furniture allowance of ₹1 lakh and an office expense allowance of ₹60,000 per month.

Facilities Provided
The Leader of the Opposition gets a prominent seat in the Lok Sabha, a room in Parliament House with secretarial support, and certain ceremonial privileges, such as escorting the Speaker-elect to the rostrum and a front-row seat during the President’s address to both Houses of Parliament.

Rahul Gandhi role as the Leader of the Opposition is crucial in maintaining a balanced and accountable government, ensuring that all citizens’ voices are heard and represented.

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