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Bennett University Opens School of Artificial Intelligence: Shaping India’s AI Future

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Bennett University launched the School of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which aligns with the nations aim of driving economic growth through technology innovation. This pioneering effort, led by visionary leaders like Times Group MD and Chancellor Mr. Vineet Jain, will have an impact on AI education, research, and workforce development, paving the way for a strong economy powered by innovation and talent.

Bennett University’s School of Artificial Intelligence shines out as a beacon of innovative AI education, with the potential of redefining India’s technological context and global competitiveness. With artificial intelligence poised to alter businesses and society worldwide, the launch of this cutting-edge institution marks a dedication to excellence, innovation, and diversity in the field of AI Advancements.

Mr. Vineet Jain, a stalwart in the media and technology sectors, emphasizes the pivotal role of AI education in driving India’s technological renaissance. By integrating AI education into professional pathways, the School of Artificial Intelligence aims to empower students to become architects of AI solutions, fostering innovation and productivity across industries.

At the heart of the School’s curriculum lies a commitment to fostering comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience in AI fundamentals. With an emphasis on practical coding and interdisciplinary learning, students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle real-world challenges and drive technological innovation.

Through strategic collaborations with leading universities, industry partners, and research institutions, the School of Artificial Intelligence offers students unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth. From industry-focused specializations to interdisciplinary research initiatives, students are immersed in a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and excellence.

The School of Artificial Intelligence, directed by celebrated scholar Dr. (Prof.) Ajita Abraham, is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse learning environment. Dr. Ajith Abraham’s vast experience and scholarly achievements establish him as an a model in the field of AI education, ensuring that students receive the best available education and direction.

Bennett University’s School of Artificial Intelligence is at the center of India’s AI revolution, boasting cutting-edge facilities, industrial connections, and a commitment to excellence. As the country embraces AI’s revolutionary potential, this visionary institution acts as a catalyst for innovation, advancement, and prosperity, influencing the future of AI in India and elsewhere.


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