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Next-Gen ChatGPT: PhD-Level Intelligence in 18 Months

by Rajesh
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Next-Gen ChatGPT: PhD-Level Intelligence in 18 Months

Recently, the Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI paid a visit to her alma mater, Dartmouth Engineering, to talk about the next ChatGPT model and the state of artificial intelligence (AI). She said the upcoming version, expected in about 18 months, will perform tasks at a PhD level. Murati compared earlier versions like GPT-3 to a toddler and GPT-4 to a high school student in intelligence.

She also talked about concerns that AI systems could connect to the internet independently and work with other AIs and humans. Murati emphasized the need to consider safety and societal impacts from the start, rather than after deployment. She explained that smarter AI systems are easier to control safely, similar to training a smarter dog versus a less intelligent one.

Murati proposed that AI might democratize creativity by making it more accessible when discussing its effects on employment and creativity. She emphasized that it is the joint responsibility of OpenAI, users, society, governments, and content creators to manage the risks related to AI.

Murati ended by saying that AI progress will greatly affect many industries and jobs, bringing challenges and responsibilities for everyone involved.

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