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Chandrayaan-2 reveals an abundance of water ice on the moon’s poles

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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In a ground-breaking discovery, data from India’s Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft revealed a secret treasure wealth under the lunar surface: water ice tucked amid the Moon’s polar craters. The results, developed in collaboration with prominent institutions like as Space Applications Centre (SAC)/ISRO, IIT Kanpur, University of Southern California, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, offer a paradigm change in our knowledge of Earth’s celestial neighbor.

According to the study led by Chakraborty et al. (2024), the Chandrayaan-2 Dual-frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar has unveiled a startling reality: the presence of subsurface ice in the lunar polar regions surpasses surface levels by a staggering 5 to 8 times. Remarkably, the northern polar region boasts double the quantity of water ice compared to its southern counterpart, shedding light on the dynamic history of lunar geology.

Further analysis suggests a tantalizing connection between lunar water ice and past volcanic activity during the Imbrian period. This correlation underscores the intricate interplay between Mare volcanism and impact cratering, shaping the distribution of water ice across the lunar landscape.

Deploying a comprehensive array of seven instruments including radar, laser, optical, neutron spectrometer, ultra-violet spectrometer, and thermal radiometer, the research team meticulously pieced together the lunar puzzle. This multi-faceted approach not only deepens our comprehension of lunar dynamics but also lays the groundwork for future exploratory missions.

ISRO underscores the pivotal role of this study in informing and guiding upcoming in-situ volatile exploration plans on the Moon. By unraveling the mysteries of lunar water ice, humanity inches closer to realizing ambitious lunar missions and expanding the frontiers of space exploration.

Meanwhile, on the horizon of lunar exploration, China embarks on its own historic mission with the Chang’e-6 lunar probe. Venturing to the far side of the Moon, invisible from Earth’s vantage point, this 53-day-long mission aims to collect unprecedented samples for scientific inquiry. The endeavor marks a monumental milestone in human lunar exploration, heralding a new era of discovery and collaboration among nations reaching for the stars.

As we gaze skyward, the revelations from Chandrayaan-2 and the Chang’e-6 mission ignite our collective imagination, beckoning us to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos and embrace the infinite possibilities that lie beyond.


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