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Green card directly if a graduate.. Trump’s unexpected proposal!

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In contrast to his position, the former US President Donald Trump offered an unexpected immigration policy suggestion. He revealed that as soon as he receives his college degree, he plans to grant green cards.

Former US President Donald Trump has suggested that overseas graduates of US institutions be granted green cards directly. When asked about your ambitions to hire talented foreign workers during an interview, he responded as follows. His remarks are now crucial to hear because, throughout the election campaign, he frequently criticised the immigration programme.

“In order for them to remain in this nation after graduating from college, I want to offer a green card right away along with the diploma. It lasts for two, four, etc. years. It is unrelated to the length of schooling. Trump stated, “I believe junior colleges should also be subject to it. He disclosed that on his first day in office, he will concentrate on this. He argued that the corona virus prevented him from implementing it earlier. According to him, a lot of visitors from nations like China and India are denied entry into the United States because of issues with their visas. They all allegedly return to their home countries and create jobs for thousands of people there.

Trump, who is running for president for the second time, typically criticises immigration laws from other countries in his campaign speeches. However, in contrast to it, his remarks were discussed this time. Critics have pointed fingers at illegal immigrants for being the source of crime, violence, unemployment, and resource exploitation in the nation. If he gains control, he would send them all back, he vowed.

The Trump campaign staff has often stated that illegal immigrants are the main target of their attention. However, while in office, he also placed limitations on lawful immigrants. Both the family-based visa programme and the visa lottery have undergone modifications. ‘Buy American, Hire American’ directives were announced as soon as the government took office in 2017. It was recommended that the then-cabinet implement changes to limit the issuance of business visas to highly skilled individuals. Therefore, it is important to safeguard Americans’ employment opportunities.

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