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Hindu Marriage: Why ‘7 Phere’ Matter According to the Supreme Court

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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In a recent ruling, the Supreme Court highlighted the significance of traditional Hindu marriage ceremonies, particularly the ritual of ‘saptapadi’ or 7 Phere the seven vows taken around the sacred fire. The court emphasized that these rituals symbolize the promises made by the couple and are integral to the validity of a Hindu marriage.

The court stressed that marriage holds deep cultural and spiritual significance in Indian society, and should not be treated as a mere formality or transaction. Rather, it is viewed as a sacred union between two individuals, forming the foundation of a family.

The ruling came during a case where a woman sought to transfer her divorce petition from one court to another. Interestingly, both she and her partner were qualified commercial pilots. Instead of going through a lengthy legal process, they decided to resolve their differences amicably by jointly applying under Article 142 of the Indian Constitution.

The court reiterated that a Hindu marriage must adhere to certain ceremonies and formalities outlined in the Hindu Marriage Act. Without these, the marriage cannot be considered legally solemnized. This includes the crucial ritual of ‘saptapadi’, which symbolizes the couple’s journey together and their mutual promises.

Quoting from ancient texts, the court emphasized the spiritual significance of ‘saptapadi’, where the groom declares, “With seven steps, we have become friends. May I attain friendship with you; may I not be separated from your friendship.” This highlights the equal partnership and mutual respect inherent in Hindu marriage.

Moreover, the court criticized the trend of young couples attempting to establish marital status without proper adherence to legal and cultural norms. It emphasized the importance of upholding the sanctity of marriage and respecting its traditional rituals.

In essence, the Supreme Court’s ruling underscores the sacred nature of Hindu marriage and the importance of observing its traditional ceremonies, particularly the symbolic ‘7 phere’, which signify the couple’s commitment and bond.


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