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Roof Leaks and Poor Drainage Cause Issues at Ayodhya Ram Temple After Heavy Rains

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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After heavy rains on Saturday night, Acharya Satyendra Das, the chief priest of the Ayodhya Ram Temple, has highlighted significant construction problems. He reported that rainwater leaked from the roof of the temple’s sanctum sanctorum, an important area where the priest performs rituals and VIP darshan occurs.

Acharya Das criticized the construction, pointing out that there was no system to manage rainwater drainage from the temple premises. “It’s surprising that with engineers from across the country working on this famous temple, no one thought the roof might leak when it rains,” he said. He urged the temple authorities to fix these issues immediately.

Nripendra Mishra, president on the building committees, paid a visit the the temple and requested that immediate fixes be made for waterproofing its roof. Mishra assured the media that the temple ground level would have been finished by July, with the entire project set to be finished by December.

The downpours triggered severe flooding in the neighboring areas, such as Rampath Road and adjacent lanes. Wastewater water flooded homes, and newly built roads collapsed in several locations. Residents stated flooding from Jalwanpura to Hanumangarhi Bhaktipath, as well as from Tedhi The bazaar to the inner regions.

Ayodhya Mayor Girish Pati Tripathi, for said he has been conducting reconstruction efforts since this morning, deploying municipal groups to remove the water from affected homes. attempts to obtain feedback from top department of public works (PWD) officials

The Congress party accused the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of corruption in the temple construction and local civic projects. Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Ajay Rai claimed, “Whether it’s the coffins of martyrs or the temple of God, for the BJP, these are just opportunities for corruption.” He emphasized the poor construction quality and lack of proper drainage systems, despite the significant funds allocated.

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