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Virat Kohli Honored with Statue in Times Square During T20 World Cup 2024

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Times Square in New York City revealed a life-size statue of Virat Kohli, recognizing the Indian cricket icon global fame. The celebration aligns with Kohli essential role in India current effort for the T20 Men World Cup in 2024.

Kohli image for outstanding hitting and management goes beyond the nation of India, with an established reputation in America. The statue revealing in Times Square confirms his place as among cricket greatest numbers in the last a decade.

The project, which is being driven by Kohli collaboration with the mattress business Duroflex, is an important achievement in his professional life. Duroflex, that describes captain Kohli as the “King,” proudly announced its creation on social media, highlighting their partnership for improved sleep and health.

As supporters around the world observe Kohli accomplishments, debates in cricket circles revolve around the prospective of captain Kohli and current captain Rohit Sharma after the T20 World Cup. The tournament keeps on draw in fans, with India currently playing a crucial Super 8 correspond to against Australia in St Lucia.

Despite these exciting changes, his lasting influence on cricket and his global fanbase is undeniable, establishing his place as a true icon of the game.

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