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Teen Caught Placing Mobile in Women’s Washroom at Karnataka Medical College

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Authorities apprehend teenager for placing mobile phone in women's washroom at Karnataka medical college.

A 17-year-old teenager was arrested by Dakshina Kannada authorities for putting his mobile in women’s washroom at Karnataka Medical College. The incident, which was made public on Wednesday, started when the adolescent entered the college’s grounds without authorization while acting as a patient. Then he crept into the women’s bathroom next to the men’s and placed his phone there.

Luckily, the campus security guard heard the sound of the phone ringing from the women’s restroom and quickly took it back. He reported the incident to the college administration right away, and on May 6, he went to the Bandar police station and officially complained.

After carefully examining the CCTV footage from the college, law enforcement was able to identify and capture the adolescent. As a result, he is currently being held in an observation home until additional legal actions are taken.

This episode reminds us of a similar one that happened in Udupi the previous year, where three students were prosecuted for allegedly filming a female classmate in a college restroom. Widespread condemnation of the incident highlighted how crucial it is to protect safety and privacy norms at educational institutions.

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